Questions about the aging of plastic woven bag

May 07, 2019


Plastic woven bag will aged if they are used for a long time or are used improperly ? Sure, so we should pay attention to prevention and reasonable use in the application process to extend its service life.

Plastic woven bag, FIBC bags, PP woven bags in natural conditions, under direct sunlight . After one week, its strength will be reduced by 25%, and after two weeks it will be reduced by 40.It means that these bags cannot be used any  longer. That is to say, it is important to make clear how to store plastic woven  bags. In particular, Once the plastic bags filled with cement are  placed in an open air environment and exposed to direct sunlight, their strength will drop dramatically. What’s more, the temperature is too high during storage and transportation (container transport) or it is raining ,both of them will damage the strength of these bags. Finally,  fail to reach the request protecting interior items.

In view of the above situation ,the woven bag should be stored in a cool and clean room. It should be protected from sunlight and rain during transportation. It also should not be close to the heat source. Besides ,storage period should be within 18 months,. In fact, the woven bag may age in the 18 months. Therefore, the validity period of the woven bag packaging is better  shortened to 12 months.