What's The International Standard Ton Bag /Space Bag ?

May 14, 2019

The international standard ton bag (space bag): is a kind of flexible transport packaging container, not only advantage of waterproof, dustproof, radiation resistant, strong and safe, but also sufficient strength in structure. It has developed rapidly in recent years, because of loading and unloading convenient to improve the efficiency obviously. Container liner bags are generally made of polyester fibers, such as polypropylene and polyethylene, which can be widely used in the chemical industrial, building material, plastics, mining industrial and various types of powder, granular and blocky articles. It is an ideal product for warehousing, transportation and other industries. 

The ton bag is a medium-size of bulk container that is a type of container unit. You can achieve containerized unitized transport with a crane or forklift.


It is one of the common packaging materials, because of easy shipping bulk of powder materials and the characteristics of large volume, light weight, easy for loading and unloading, etc.

Its features are simple structure, light weight, foldable, small space occupied, and low price.

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