Baffle bulk bag of WenBang Industrial

May 28, 2019

   Features of Baffle bulk bags in WenBang Industrial: the Baffle bag is internally provided with a Baffle, so that a good deformation prevention effect is achieved. The Baffle bag solves the problem that the middle part of the packaging bag bulges after being loaded.And loaded baffle bag has a more tidy appearance and a better forming effect.

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   Transportation: occupy less space in the container, reduce logistics costs, facilitate transportation.

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   Advantages:  improve the stability of stacking; improve the utilization rate and transportation efficiency of warehouses; reduce storage and transportation costs,  and the probability of goods being polluted is reduced.

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    Scope of application: baffle bags are widely used in high-yield goods, such as starch, calcium powder, lime powder, chemical raw materials, metallurgical powder, refractory materials, chemical fertilizers, flour, etc.