Special FIBC Classifications

June 09, 2019

FIBCs are used for many different applications and in a variety of environments. Safety is a growing concern for all and as such, Wenbang offers

options to ensure safe filling, discharge and transport of your products.

Type A

Standard FIBCs are classified as type A, they are produced without any measures to prevent the buildup of static electricity.

Type B

Type B FIBCs are constructed with insulating fabric designed to prevent sparks and discharge.

Type C

Type C bulk bags are made from non-conductive fabric with interwoven conductive yarns.  The conductive yarns for Type C bulk bags must be electrically connected to earth bonding points.

Grounding is essential during the filling and emptying processes for safety.

Type D

Type D bulk bags cater to bulk bag fillers when proper grounding is impractical due to the filling location. With type D bulk bags, the end user no longer has to ground the bulk bags for safety reasons.

Industries susceptible to static electricity and electrostatic hazards include the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and mineral industries.

UN Bags

UN bags are FIBCs used to transport dangerous or hazardous goods, as determined by the United Nations. Our UN bags undergo rigorous testing to ensure that the bag design complies with all requirements of a UN FIBC


As the use of bulk bag continues to grow throughout the world, Wenbang offers options to meet every need and situation.  In addition to offering several standard and specialized constructions, Wenbang is also available to help design the right bag for your project.

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