Customer Visited Wenbang Industry and Warmly Treated by Our Team

June 29, 2019

During the last week, two of our big customers from Southeast Asia was visited in our factory. After about 8 hours flying, they arrived the Xinzheng Airport,with little tired but expecting mood steped on this large and stranged land.

On the second day, wenbang team bring them to visited our workshop one by one in factory. They checked the bulk bag production line from pp raw material to the completed bags. Has known a lot about our production. The circular weaving machine dancing with the yarn then flowing into fabric. Our work staff made the bags according to each customer’s different request.

All the details of the production makes them feel satisfied with us. So , after checked, they gave us a big order as we both expected.

Speak less and do more, your hardwork and your strength will conquer the customers soundlessly.

Let’s cheer and be thankful for this new and trusted customer, they gave us more motivation to move on and to making better products for the world!

Henan WenBang Industrial Co.,Ltd