Shao Lin Culture

June 29, 2019

Shaolin temple is the birthplace of Chinese zen Buddhism and Chinese Kung Fu. It is now a world cultural heritage site, a national key cultural relic protection unit, and a national AAAAA tourist attraction.

Located in dengfeng city, zhengzhou city, henan province songshan five milk peak.

Located in the songshan hinterland of shaoshi mountain in the dense jungle, so the name "shaolin temple."

The shaolin temple is often hospitalized and covers an area of about 57,600 square meters.

Shaolin Temple is probably the most famous temple in China, not only because of its long history and its role in Chinese Buddhism, Shaolin Temple Pagodabut also because of its martial arts or Wushu Chan. Shaolin Temple is situated in the beautiful Songshan Mountains, which is only eight miles of Dengfeng and about 50 miles southwest of Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province.
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Shaolin Temple was established in 495 during the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534). Batuo, an Indian monk, came to Luoyang, the ancient capital, for spreading Buddhism at that period. Emperor Xiaowen was a believer of Buddhism so he decided to build the temple in the Songshan Mountains to house Batuo, who translated many Buddhist works and had a few hundred followers there.

Tourist all over the world would come here and visit it because of the famous movive and long history culture of Shao Lin, which is also the proud of our native people.

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