Installation of Container Liner

July 04, 2019

Installation of Container Liner

1. Wear working safety helmet, clean the inner wall and bottom of the container, to remove all dust and debris from inside to make sure it’s cleanly.

2. After cleaning, check carefully the inside of the container to see if there is irregularities, covered them by cardboard box if any; must remove totally if there are nails, iron filings, or sharp and rough protrusions by tools.

3. Place the container liner into the container and spread it out.

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4. Insert the square steel into the buckle and place it into the groove at the bottom of the container.

5. Fix the hanging hanging position from the front door, and fix all like this.

6. Install the special sling of square steel on both sides of the door.

7. Insert the first square steel from the upper baffle.

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8. Put on the remaining 3 (or 4) square steels in turn and adjust the upper and lower positions.

9. The position should be adjust so that can not block the discharge port.

10. Close the left door.

11. Stick the safety warning label and start filling.

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