Bulk Bag Loop Types

July 05, 2019

Bulk Bag Loop Types


FIBC (Flexible Intermedium Bulk Container) or Jumbo bag, Bulk bag have many types: standard, circular, U panel, etc.

Of course, there are also many types about loop, and we can produce it depends on the requirement of customers.


Here below show some of the loop types for your reference, then can know which one is suitable to you:

1). Cross corner loops: for ensuring standing loops

2). Side-seam loops: loops sewn outside or loops sewn inside: especially as a dust proofing option and for food bags


The above two types are most popular one in the market.

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Parallel/two loops: flexible in manipulating the FIBC


Sleeve/Tunnel loops: excellent maneuverability and easy of operation


Chain/ancillary loops: for one point loop


Diagonal loops: for one point loop


Double Stevedore straps: for lifting several FIBCs in one operation, e.g while loading on ships / barges


Single stevedore straps, One loops, Hood lift,

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X cross type:

# wall type

= equal sign type

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