Conductive bulk bag

July 12, 2019

   Conductive bulk bags are also called antistatic bulk bags and can be divided into conductive bulk bags and low-static bulk bags. It conducts electricity through the grounding of conductive wires woven in the cloth of the bag body and the sling. Effectively remove static electricity generated during charging and discharging, prevent dangerous situations such as combustion and explosion, and is mainly used for packaging dangerous articles in chemical industry ,medicine and other industries. No matter what kind of conductive bulk bag, its ultimate goal is the same: to eliminate the electric charges generated by friction on the container bag.

   Purpose: no chemical raw materials belong to inflammable and explosive dangerous goods. The transportation conditions are very harsh and the cost is extremely expensive. Conductive bulk bags and permanent antistatic bulk bags are used to package hazardous, explosive and flammable chemicals, thus achieving the effects of flame and explosion prevention, reducing potential safety hazards and transportation costs.