Stewed Noodles In My Hometown

July 17, 2019

Welcome to my hometown Henan province in china, and there are much more famous food which is widely known around the word, such

as Luoyang Soup Banquet/ Daokou Roasted Chicken/ Xinyang Nanwan Fish Head/ Kaifeng Soup Dumplings and so on, especially for Stewed

Noodle that will be introduced in details today.


Stewed Noodle has a 1300-year long history which can be dated to back to Tang Dynasty, and it was honored by Emperor Taizong. At that time,

it was the privilege of the noble to take it and was only served in palace, while till to late Qing dynasty it began to spread among common folk.


It caters our desire for relish and nutrition, gathering soup-stock, vegetables, staple together. According to the type of broth added to, there are

three main flavors: Taste of beef/ Taste of mutton and Taste of seafood. Mostly the mutton in three lives up to a high reputation to the uttermost,

as you know, mutton stewed noodles has a typical function of keeping warm and it is a pretty good choice in cold winter.


Coincident with swift development of modern society is full speed industrialization of stewed noodles. Perfectly it builds a balance between the hasty

pace of modern lifestyle and the peaceful mind to enjoy life. Every year, stewed noodles earn Henan a value of 100 billion RMB.


Food is the art build on tongue and our business is not only to assure mouthfeel, safeguard security but to inherit and develop the root of our splendid

culture most importantly and most diffluctly.

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