FIBC Bag Fabric Test Standard

December 11, 2019

FIBC Bag Fabric Test Standard


No matter where, what size, how mang gsm FIBC bag you buy, if it can meet below, then you are buying right bags.


一, Appearance Standard

1. Appearance smooth,no lack of weft & warp,no jumper wire -- passed
2. Cutting edge tidiness, no filoselle -- passed
3. Fabric roll no crimp -- passed
4. Fold +1cm,-0.5cm -- passed
5. No greasy dirt on fabric -- passed
6. Fabric gsm allowance error +2g-4g -- passed
7. Lock weft over 3 lines -- fail
8. Cracked ends 2 lines, or over 1meter -- fail
9. Hole -- fail
10. Jumper weft over 3 lines -- fail
11. Jumper wrap over 3 lines -- fail
12. Fluffiness severity -- fail
13. Big color difference -- fail
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二,Stangth Standard
1. Under 150gsm, including 150gsm: fabric strangth wrap min.1500N/5cm, weft min. 1400N/5cm
2. 150gsm - 170gsm, including 170gsm: fabric strangth wrap min.1800N/5cm, weft min. 1700N/5cm
3. 170gsm - 190gsm, including 190gsm: fabric strangth wrap min.1950N/5cm, weft min. 1850N/5cm
4. Over 190gsm: fabric strangth wrap min.2100N/5cm, weft min. 2000N/5cm
5. Elongation <25

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Hope all of you can buy & use standard passed FIBC bag, all of our FIBC bags are standard passed!